What is penis enlargement surgery, how does it work and how does it help

Two sizes of penis - before and after enlargement surgery

A billion years ago, a Pithecanthrope born with a small penis was forced to die with it. Today this is outdated, especially since surgeons have come up with many ways to correct such a scourge. Charlatans and healers have been left out of work, and men on all continents increase the length and thickness of the organ by medical means.

We will tell you how all modern techniques work so that the black streak called a small penis remains far in the past. If you decide to take such a step, get ready for financial injections, it would be nice to have friends or at least a girlfriend for psychological and physical support.

What are male penis enlargement surgeries?

The arsenal of genital surgeons is quite large, we will describe the most popular options.


The surgeon, without the slightest magic, provides the conditions for lengthening the phallus. Ligamentotomy is an extremely popular aesthetic intervention, it is performed at the request of a man in a day hospital.The duration of the procedure is 15 minutes. Anesthesia works quickly and easily, without overdose and effect on well-being after the procedure.

Lipofilling the introduction of fatty tissue into the shaft of the penis

Everything below the belt is shut down with spinal anesthesia. The doctor gets to the supporting ligament through the median suture of the scrotum. This approach is the least traumatic and is well tolerated in rehabilitation. Recovery takes 8-10 days.

The purpose of the operation is to remove the ligament that attaches the part of the phallus hidden under the pubis to the pelvic bone. This unleashes a hidden reserve.

Ligamentotomy does not lead to lengthening by itself. This is a powerful preparation for subsequent pulling with an extender.. The device is worn after the operation, at least 4 hours a day, for 3-6 months. The minimum increase is 2 cm.

Lipofilling of the penis

Visualization of penile thickening after surgery

It turns out that fat cells move silently around the body, like a queen on a chessboard. The method is called lipofilling.. Fat cells pumped from the abdomen or other large places are transplanted into the penis. Naturally the material is not taken in its pure form but goes through a series of preparatory processes.

The joy is that your own cells take root much better than the donor's. You will not suffer from allergic-inflammatory reactions to the filler. You can re-convert the foul in one go. However, fatty tissue is gradually absorbed and dissolved,the operation must be repeated every six months. Lipofilling adds up to 1. 5cm in girth.

How to enlarge with injections, without surgery

This segment is called intimate injection shaping.

Hyaluronic acid (biogel)

The surgeon works with the acid for no more than 20-30 minutes, using local anesthesia. The substance is injected along the outer groove of the phallus and into the frenulum region.Hyaluronic-based fillers solve several problems: Eliminating premature ejaculation, increasing the thickness of the trunk and head, correcting the shape. This female thing can get rid of the first signs of impotence.

To enlarge the head, do this:

  • the inguinal region is anesthetized and treated with iodine;
  • the patient is covered with surgical linen;
  • tissues are prepared for the procedure with 0. 9% sodium chloride solution 10 ml;
  • the filler is injected into the conditionally lower third of the head, with particular attention to the course of the coronal sulcus;
  • 0. 1-0. 4 mL is injected per pass in a fan technique;
  • 0. 8-2 ml of the drug is injected at a time.

For frenulum correction:

  • the bridle is filled with acid to increase volume;
  • the substance is injected according to the drip method into soft tissues under the skin fold 0. 1-0. 3 ml per pass. The drug is not injected into the frenulum itself.

There is an equally interesting way to pump the gel into the penis: the surgeon makes a puncture near the root of the phallus, injects the drug with a special cannula. The incision is then closed and covered with a sterile dressing.

The method is good for quick recovery, healing. On average, you can ride the mountain in 2-3 days. The diameter increases immediately, by 0. 5-1. 5 cm, but we are skeptical about this. If you need a phallus for demonstration and urination, this is the right option.If you need sex, consider the risk of drug migration. Under the yoke of dynamic loads, it will go to other zones, followed by the deformation of the poor fellow.

Botulinum toxin

In response to women who take our pants, we will remove the botulinum toxin from them. The drug is not injected directly into the shaft of the penis.Botulinum toxin injections for scrotox - scrotal enlargementIt serves in another direction - the modification of the scrotum (scrotox).

Why is it necessary:

  • reduced sweating;
  • smoothing folds, wrinkles;
  • aesthetics: the scrotum looks round, large.

A nice scrotum is good for you! But,we think scrotox is a waste of money.


This is a purely artisan technique originating in the 70s.. At one time, the craftsmen came up with the idea of \u200b\u200bstuffing petroleum jelly into the barrel to increase the volume. In some places, the method is still practiced today. It is not recommended to resort to such methods if there is no experienced friend nearby who has made at least a hundred injections into the penis with a positive experience.

It's done like this:

  • the trunk treated with an antiseptic is gently pulled to the base;
  • 10-20 cubes of vaseline are drawn into the syringe;
  • starting from the root, the drug is injected into the trunk, from both sides, trying to get to the same depth between the skin and the membranes;
  • wounds are disinfected with an antiseptic and covered with a sterile bandage.

The increase in thickness depends on the volume of the injected substance. On average, desperate heads get 0. 5-1. 5 cm more.The method is fraught with complications, it is easy to come across hellish inflammation, swelling, pain. Surgeons take Vaseline from the penis with a titanic job and ask a lot of money for it.


Through chemical research, synthol was unearthed by Chris Clark, which happened in the 90s of the last century. Since then, bodybuilders began to prick him in the biceps, the drug helped to quickly increase muscle volume. Then there were craftsmen who offered to introduce synthol into the phallus.

We do not recommend taking this risky step, it hurtshigh risk of serious complications. If the composition gets into the bloodstream and clogs the vessel of a vital organ, you can fly to the ancestors. That's not to mention the loss of erection, blood vessel inflammation, swelling, and hellish pain.

Introduction of gel and silicone implants

soft siliconethe implants consist of a multi-layered elastomeric shell and a viscous gel filler. The first to invent this thing was James Elist, a urologist in one of the American clinics. He quickly patented his invention in 2002 and still enjoys the proceeds of his idea today.

The technique is simple and works like this:

  • the doctor and the patient choose the size of the implants;
  • the patient is pacified by local anesthesia;
  • after disinfection, the implant is inserted through an incision in the groin;
  • a cosmetic suture and a sterile bandage are applied.

The method wins over the implantation of a collagen matrix, it gives softness, natural sensations. If you get tired, the effect is reversible, without risk and health problems. The gel does not seep through the shell even if it breaks.

After recovery, the risk of developing complications, rejection and allergies that cause irreversible damage is almost eliminated.The operation is performed on an outpatient basis, hospitalization is required for 1 day. The goal is a persistent thickening in erection and at rest, an increase in length of 4-6 cm.

The surgeon performs an operation to augment a man's phallus

Absorbable matrix implant

The method works exclusively for thickening. Organic matrices with fibroblasts are introduced into the body of the phallus (remember, these are connective tissue cells). All this matter is perfectly supplied with blood, it is not rejected by the body. Despite the visible result of +1. 5 cm,the matrices dissolve one year after the operation. To be honest, the method is outdated and rarely practiced.

Plastic for straightening, thickening, stretching

Plastic surgery involves a whole range of operations and procedures. All this is designed to correct the anatomical structure, appearance, functional failures.The method helps the poor with various abnormalities, deformities, ailments resulting from illnesses and injuries. Even men turn here, dissatisfied with the aesthetics of their strategic place.


A popular tool for men's intimate plastic surgery. It is performed under local anesthesia. The doctor introduces rounded implants with a diameter of 5-10 mm along the skin of the phallus. Small incisions are stitched up with a cosmetic suture, the whole thing heals quickly.

The balls are made of silicone, penis prostheses, pearls. In artisanal conditions, they are cut from plastic, plexiglass. Sure, you can have fun with the setup, especially since everything is reversible. But, judging by the reviews, such experiments do not like women.

Plastic penile prosthesis

Let's not dissemble, a strong erection was appreciated at all times. Sure, there are plenty of pills that relieve erectile dysfunction, but their reliability isn't impressive.In case of problems with potency, operations with the installation of prostheses have been invented. The surgery significantly improves the quality of erection and helps those who have lost all hope forever.

Inflatable prosthesis for surgical enlargement of the penis

Types of prostheses:

  • plastic (single component)- large companies make them on the basis of vinyl or silicone pipes. Multilayered cylinders are placed in corpora cavernosa. The phallus is able to maintain a fighting position thanks to a metal rod with shape memory. You will have to bring the unit to readiness by hand, at rest it is held by the linen. Overall, it's not the cheapest option;
  • inflatable (two-component)- consisting of 2 cylinders and a pump. An erection occurs after pressing the pump, from which the liquid merrily flows into the tanks. The organ is brought to rest by bending the arm. We like this approach for the softness, naturalness of the penis, the slight reduction in length;
  • inflatable (three-component)- composed of 2 cylinders, a pump and a tank with saline solution. This is the best way to provide an artificial erection. For combat readiness, you need to press several times on one side of the scrotum, for peace - on the other. All this is imperceptible to wives, girlfriends and looks as natural as possible;
  • hard- an obsolete version, which leaves the patient with a permanently erect phallus. This case looks unaesthetic and unnatural, because rigid penile prostheses have not been used in the best advanced clinics for a long time.

Phalloprosthesis is the only option for men with irreversible erectile dysfunction and psychogenic impotence.

Appointment of methods of surgical intervention

It all depends on what it is - the sexual organ of each individual patient.


If we talk about surgical thickening, all modern techniques are quite physiological.The introduction of gel implants, hyaluronic acid does not affect the physical properties of the phallus. It will be soft when at rest and stony when excited. Today these are the most promising methods of increasing size. It is better to refuse automatic grease, installing dies - these are the most ineffective manipulations.

In case of serious problems, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with the muscle flap transplantation technique. The intervention is complex, threatens the formation of blood clots. But, in return, you get an excellent aesthetic result, which will remain for life.


There are formally no indications for surgery, especially if the size of the phallus in the erect state reaches 15 cm. The smaller the penis, the more sense it makes to stretch it. This is indicated for micropenis and small penis. Recall that the ligamentotomy works for this, giving an extra 2-4 cm.


A separate group of techniques work to correct curvature. The type of intervention depends on the deformation angle.

There are several options here:

  • shortening of the tunic- if the deformation is not gross, it is partially excised from the side opposite the curvature, the remaining tissues are sutured. Sometimes a ligamentotomy is also done to maintain length;
  • patchwork of corporoplasty (lengthening of the albuginea)- if the problem is rooted in local fibrosis, Peyronie's disease, the doctor takes synthetic or biological material. Cut the shell in the curvature area and replace the defect. The operation is complicated, but it lengthens the penis by 1-2 cm;
  • insertion of endoprosthesis– an option for those suffering from erectile dysfunction. The deformed tissues are replaced with a semi-rigid or flexible implant.

Features of the preparatory stage

In any self-respecting clinic, the patient undergoes a general clinical examination, sampling for venereal and infectious diseases.The andrologist will determine the maximum level of erection, - this will determine the stretching potential of the foul. Ultrasound examination is not excluded. On its basis, hidden defects of the cavernous bodies, albuginea, vessels and blood supply are revealed.

Postoperative period

Finding a man in a hospital after penis enlargement surgery

The course of rehabilitation depends on the chosen technique. If you have taken a relatively simple method, your doctor will let you go home in a couple of hours or 1-2 days after surgery. If a graft, an autograft, is placed in the trunk, a hospital stay is often required. Doctors want to watch wounds heal.

In the postoperative period, dressings are done regularly. According to the indications, antibacterials, pain relievers are prescribed.In the normal course of events, the sutures are removed for 7-10 days. Then you will have to follow the medical recommendations. This applies to restrictions on physical activity, abstinence and so on. The time limit depends on the magnification technique.


Surgical correction is implemented using several methods. Therefore, you need to count on a wide range of prices.

On average, the pricing policy is as follows:

  • thickening - $ 230-3350;
  • stretch - $ 35-3450;
  • combined fix - $2750-5850;
  • curvature correction - from 1 thousand dollars.

Possible risks and complications

Complications are rare in cold-blooded surgeons with golden hands.

However, any surgery carries the risk of:

  • swelling;
  • development of bleeding;
  • wound infection;
  • construction failures;
  • unstable standing position;
  • deformation, curvature of the trunk;
  • rejection of prostheses, transplanted tissues, foreign bodies;
  • inflammation.

Good? - did you change your mind? Maybe it's better to do penis enlargement without surgery: try manual stretching exercises and creams?


We rate surgery to increase the size of the organ in the presence of serious problems (small penis, microphallus).It is best for men with a six-inch erection to turn to conservative techniques, — extender, pump, spray, gel, cream, exercises.