How to raise a member of folk remedies

garlic for penis enlargement

How to raise a member of folk remedies - such a question worries many representatives of the stronger sex. Even if the genital organ meets average standards, some men dream of enlarging it.

In order for intimacy to please both partners, it is not the size of the penis that is important, but the erection. An erect state sometimes increases the length and width of the penis.

You can increase potency without chemistry by folk methods. It has long been known how traditional medicine affects the increase in the male organ. A few centuries ago, grandmother-herbalists used various drugs to increase male potency: infusions of herbs and roots, special herbal teas, etc.

Folk remedies for penis enlargement are widely used today. Folk folk recipes are used to enhance intimate relationships.

What is the effect of using non-traditional therapy? Allows you to perform natural penis enlargement, without surgery.

Of course, it is impossible to significantly increase the length or width of the male organ with the use of drugs or folk methods. However, it is possible to add a few millimeters to the volume and length. It is possible to solve this delicate problem in a popular way.

The main purpose of using alternative medicine is to increase blood flow to the male organ, improve blood circulation. This leads to the fact that the penis increases in volume, becomes strong and elastic. Consider how to achieve an increase in male dignity with folk remedies.

penis enlargement by bees

The painful but most effective ancient remedy is apitherapy. With the help of bee venom, you can achieve an increase in the size of the penis.

Important! Only those men who are not allergic to bee venom can resort to this method.

With the help of bee stings, you can perform a penis enlargement procedure at home

  • take a dense plastic bag and put a bee in it;
  • carefully, so that the insect does not fly out, the genital organ is pushed into the bag;
  • after the bee sting, it is necessary to remove the sting.

The main advantages of this method

This method has contraindications only in case of individual intolerance to bee venom. For other men, it is practically harmless.

Herbs for penis enlargement

The use of special herbal infusions will help to quickly increase blood flow to the penis. As a result, the size of the male genital organ will increase significantly. With the help of herbs, you can achieve good results in strengthening erections. The most effective action is exercised by

  • ginseng;
  • celery root;
  • hawthorn fruits;
  • coriander;
  • parsley.

To prolong sexual intercourse, take a tincture of wild oats.

You can also get a significant increase in the thymus of the penis. The tincture is prepared in this way

  • dry grass is completely crushed;
  • put the thyme in a saucepan, pour 200 grams of boiling water;
  • to insist;
  • consume twice a day after meals.

Cons of popular recipes

You can't get results instantly. We will have to be patient and wait a few months.

Important! Herbs can cause allergic reactions. In addition, some chronic diseases exclude the use of decoctions and tinctures from the fruits and leaves of plants.

Penis enlargement with petroleum jelly

You can enlarge your penis with petroleum jelly. Despite the simplicity of this method, it is not used very willingly.

First, the procedure itself causes discomfort. The member is pulled to the base. Then, using a syringe, petroleum jelly is injected under the skin of the penis.

Secondly, the procedure should be performed by a doctor with extensive experience: if the petroleum jelly is not evenly distributed, this can cause injury.

Doctors do not recommend using this method for penis enlargement. It's dangerous

  • getting under the skin, any foreign body can cause an infection or cause the formation of a tumor;
  • pathogenic microorganisms can enter the blood;
  • petroleum jelly can contribute to allergic reactions.

All of the above factors can lead to serious complications not only with potency, but also with health.

How to enlarge a penis with iodine

Many adventurous men wonder if iodine can enlarge a penis. On the Internet it is easy to find advice on penis enlargement with iodine in various "intimate forums".

However, we can say with all responsibility: iodine is not suitable for penis enlargement. You can burn yourself.

However, the resulting burn will force you to give up intimacy for a month.

How to enlarge a penis with toothpaste

The method of penis enlargement with toothpaste is suitable only for those who like to experiment with their health, without thinking about the consequences at all. Toothpaste is applied to the head. Various additives begin to pinch it, providing blood flow.

Important! The paste can get under the foreskin or into the urinary canal and this will cause unwanted consequences.

>It is better not to use this method, but to resort to safer methods. Read better here how to enlarge a male penis without harm to health!

Ginger for penis enlargement

Ginger helps solve potency problems, increases male strength, increases blood circulation and testosterone levels. It is considered to be almost Viagra. Taking a ginger tincture provides a longer effect, but develops over time. Cooking:

  • the peeled root is finely chopped;
  • put the pieces in a thermos;
  • put half a lemon there;
  • the ingredients are poured with water and left to infuse overnight.

You can diversify the recipe with honey, spices, lemon balm, spice or mint.

Using Vietnamese asterisk balm for penis enlargement

The famous Vietnamese "asterisk" is used to increase the penis. This method is quite common in Eastern medicine. The balm contains many essential oils of medicinal plants. To increase potency, I use an asterisk in manual therapy.

After a relaxing bath, the balm is rubbed in small doses between the 2nd and 3rd lumbar vertebrae. Special points responsible for male power are activated. The session lasts about 20 minutes. More than 10 treatments are needed to make progress.

Penis enlargement with honey

Enlargement of the male organ with honey is one of the most effective folk methods. The recipe for a wonderful remedy is quite simple.

Chopped walnut kernels and bee honey are taken in equal proportions. The components are mixed well and placed in a glass or enamel bowl. Use 1 tbsp. spoons at night.

To speed up the onset of the effect, you can take it three times a day for a week.

The main disadvantages of this method

While this method is effective, it should be used with caution. Honey is contraindicated ׃

  • in the presence of severe cardiovascular diseases;
  • if a person has diabetes;
  • with an allergy to honey;
  • with lung problems;
  • if there are severe diseases of the digestive system;
  • with skin diseases.

Therefore, honey can help and can harm.

Penis enlargement at home: ways and means

Penis size is a cause for concern for a teenager, but even after 20 years, when the body stops growing, men are worried if the penis is big enough to satisfy their loved one.

Surgical intervention is allowed only according to the indications. Therefore, those who are dissatisfied with themselves start looking for other avenues.

How to enlarge a member at home and what is needed for it: there are many methods and technologies for self-stretching, it is important to choose the one that is most suitable for yourself.

How realistic is it to enlarge a penis at home?

On the Internet, you can find information that it is quite possible to independently increase up to 5 cm in diameter and length.

The result depends on several factors:

  • Physiological features: if a man is prone to rapid growth, the reproductive organ will significantly increase when using various methods;
  • Perseverance - the process of stretching the tissues is not fast, so you have to spend time to get a result;
  • Regularity: Regardless of the technique chosen, it must be used regularly and the procedures must be performed without gaps.

Sometimes it is possible to increase the penis by 1-2 cm, but this is also a significant achievement and, moreover, not all women focus on size.


To increase the penis, special exercises are useful. This option is ideal for allergy sufferers who avoid applying various formulations on the penis.

3 exercises are considered the most effective, each of which will be discussed in detail below. . .


The easiest way to enlarge your penis at home is by stretching. The penis must be taken by the head and pulled out. It is recommended to carry out the procedure from different angles. It is important to gradually increase the exposure strength to avoid tissue damage.

10-15 minutes should be allotted for the stretching session, only in this condition it is possible to achieve a result.

The seat gets longer

For this exercise it is necessary to bring the penis to a semi-erect state. The essence of the method is that the penis is pulled down and back, after which the man sits on it.

Such gymnastics allows you to increase the base of the penis, lengthen it and increase the size of the diameter. The mechanism of action is to increase the pressure on the corpora cavernosa.

bend over

This gymnastic method also requires an incomplete erection. It is necessary to bend the penis in different directions, listening to your own feelings - it is important that there is no strong discomfort.

If the manipulations cause pain, such an exercise should be stopped immediately. Next time you need to act more carefully to avoid tissue damage.

Spray and gel

Creams designed to increase the penis allow you to perform this procedure on your own without harm to the body. All products are made with organic ingredients, which minimizes the number of contraindications for men.

According to the mode of action, drugs are divided into 3 groups:

  • Long-term - requires application of the course, after which the penis forever retains its acquired size;
  • Short-term: the action lasts several hours and helps to enlarge the penis during intimacy;
  • Auxiliary - their use strengthens the action of other drugs designed to change the length and thickness of the reproductive organ.

Folk remedies for penis enlargement

In addition to exercises and innovative natural developments, you can increase the penis with folk remedies.

In the first place it is the usual baking soda, it also helps phytotherapy: products based on herbs and medicinal plants can be used both externally and drink infusions and decoctions.


Baking soda is sold everywhere and costs a dime, so methods that involve using it are not only effective, but they don't have a serious impact on your budget either.

  • Soda tablets. To prepare, mix the powdered soda with honey and apply over the entire length of the penis, avoiding the head;
  • Baths with soda solution. With their help, you can improve blood circulation and prevent the development of inflammation. It is recommended to carry out the procedure before sexual intercourse, having previously achieved an erection;
  • Soda scrub. It increases the sexual organ and carries out the prevention of urological diseases. Manipulations should be carried out only after a hot shower, at the end it is important to apply a moisturizer on the penis;
  • Soda massage. Apply the base or olive oil on the penis first, then the soda and massage with a soft sponge for 5 minutes. Wait 2 minutes and rinse thoroughly.

Medicines for oral administration

Some herbs and spices help to lengthen the penis if they are regularly taken orally infusions, tinctures and decoctions:

  • A decoction of absinthe. Boil 5 g of wormwood seeds in cold water for 10 minutes. Wait for the product to cool and filter. Use 100ml per day 2 times;
  • Tincture of garlic. For 250 ml of high-quality alcohol, insist with 200 g of garlic, previously crushed into a thick mass. Leave in a closed jar for 10 days. Drink 25 drops morning and evening for 3 months;
  • Thyme infusion. Pour 100 g of dry herb with 300 ml of boiling water and wait for it to cool naturally. Pass through gauze and drink after waking up and before going to bed for 120 days.

External use

Herbal remedies help not only when taken orally, but also when used externally. A well-known method is the use of aloe juice. It is necessary to squeeze out the liquid from the "adult" leaves, cut at the roots and rub the sexual organ with juice.

Horse chestnut tincture, which can be bought at the pharmacy or prepared on its own, has the same effect. It is recommended to rub an aqueous infusion of ginseng root, ginkgo biloba leaves and hawthorn fruits into the skin of the penis to increase its size.

Other methods

You can also change the volume and length of the penis by using a pump, extender and accessories.

The first method enlarges the penis by placing it in a vacuum environment. Activate blood flow, blood flows to the phallus, as a result of which not only the length, but also the diameter changes. It is important to adjust the pressure level so that you do not harm yourself with excessive zeal.

An extender is a special device that is attached to the belt or hips. The device is called an alternative to surgery, it helps not only to change the parameters, but also to eliminate the curvature of the organ.

The device must be worn for several hours a day, at which time the organ tissues stretch and begin to grow to release tension.

Wearing an extender helps to increase size permanently.

Attachments are an option for men who need to lengthen their penis at the time of intercourse. A silicone device is applied to the phallus, due to which it changes size. There are various models on sale that allow you to independently determine the necessary parameters.

One way to change the length of the penis with the help of improvised means is to hang loads. The method is rather controversial, because in an attempt to get results faster, men often injure the tissues and corpora cavernosa. The mechanism of action is to attach to the weighing organ, under the influence of which the member stretches.

Sometimes men are not happy with the overall size of the penis, but they try to enlarge the penis head. There are various exercises for this, one of which is performed as follows:

  • It is necessary to sit on the edge of a chair and spread your legs;
  • Compress the phallus at the base;
  • Hit them on the hips one by one.

An important condition is the absence of pain or discomfort. Changes in the size of the head occur due to its hardening.

Folk remedies for penis enlargement: tips

ginger root for penis enlargement

Men often complain that they are not satisfied with the length of their penis. They use different methods to solve the problem. They are especially interested in how to raise a member of folk remedies. Such methods are considered harmless, convenient.

Not everyone is ready to buy expensive ointment that may turn out to be useless, but everyone can try traditional medicine recipes.

Each man independently chooses the method that suits him, and you should be fully aware that penis enlargement is a lengthy procedure. To achieve a lasting effect, it is necessary to make an effort and remember the regularity.

The choice of a method of increasing male dignity is determined only by the desired result and the risk that a man is ready to take for it.

Medicinal herbs

Medicinal herbs are identified with traditional medicine. Herbal medicine is used to enlarge the penis. It is based on the acceleration of metabolism, blood circulation in the pelvic organs. You need to regularly use decoctions or infusions. To achieve the effect of penis enlargement, it is easy to choose the available means.

  1. Replace the tea with an infusion of wild hawthorn leaves, roots, flowers. It is easy to prepare: pour a tablespoon of raw material with 500 ml of boiling water. The course of treatment lasts at least a month.
  2. According to the same recipe, you can prepare a decoction of rose hips. This drink will improve blood circulation, increase a man's immunity.
  3. Ginseng root is the best way to improve penis potency and growth. It is added to many ointments or tinctures. You can prepare the medicine according to the prescription:
    1. about 100 grams of root pour 3 liters of alcohol.
    2. Send the tincture to a dark place, leave for 10 days.
    3. After this period, take the medicine 50 ml per day.

Magic rite

The use of magic as a means of penis growth is not uncommon. On the net you can find different rituals or conspiracies aimed at changing the size of the penis. The best reviews deserved a magical ritual - a conspiracy to grow.

  1. Take a green candle, prepare a holder for it.
  2. Pour a little olive oil on your hand, rub the candle well.
  3. Light a candle, keep a couple of sprigs of fresh parsley on the fire for a while.
  4. Grind vegetables charged with the energy of a candle. Pour the resulting vegetables into a glass of holy water.
  5. Take a pot of pre-planted parsley.
  6. Coat the leaves of potted vegetables with sperm. At this time, you need to loudly express wishes about changes in the size of your penis, thank the spirits for their help.
  7. Water the plant with holy water. Parsley needs to be cured until noticeable results are obtained. It is impossible to transfer the duty of watering to others: a man who wants to change the parameters of his sexual organ should water the plant, loosen the soil. After reaching the desired parameters, the parsley pot should be left at the crossroads. Don't forget to thank the spirits again.

External means

  • Ointments or creams can be rubbed into the skin of the penis. They can be bought at the pharmacy or prepared at home. From ready-made products, you can use heparin or nitroglycerin ointment. These funds provide blood flow to the penis. Heparin ointment will give your partner a pleasant sensation if you use it before sexual intercourse.
  • As a folk remedy for penis enlargement, you can mix the composition of dried leeches. To prepare it you will need:
    • mix 100 grams of dried leeches, mash them;
    • raw materials must be mixed with 200 grams of lamb fat, which must first be dissolved.
    • rub the finished cream for a month a day before going to bed on the skin of the penis.


Performing massage using the milking technique is a popular, reliable and affordable way to increase the size of the male organ. The impact occurs in two stages. Start with the preparation:

  1. For her, you need to take a soft cotton cloth, wrap it several times around the penis.
  2. After two minutes, moisten the cloth again in warm water, repeat the compress.
  3. Rub the groin area with a dry towel.

For a massage, apply a special gel, lubricant or aromatic oil to your hand. Essential compositions of geranium, rose or sandalwood are best suited.

Then proceed to the main procedure.

  1. Firmly grasp your penis, move your hand from the groin to the head. Squeeze your hand lightly to act on the corpora cavernosa. Repeat this exercise for 10-15 minutes.
  2. After heating the shaft of the penis, proceed to the second movement. Grab the barrel with one hand and the head with the other, it will need to be pulled to the side. As soon as you feel a slight pain, stop moving, stay in this position for 5 minutes. Then pull the head to the other side.
  3. With both hands, firmly squeeze the shaft of the penis 10 times. There shouldn't be much discomfort.
  4. Sit in a chair with your legs apart. Strike the member alternately on one and the other thigh.

An alternative to manual massage can be the use of devices. The devices to stimulate the length of the penis can be worn constantly or used immediately before sexual intercourse. You can buy them in the intimate shop.

Exercise, yoga, visualization

Methods that can indirectly affect penis size include physical activity or oriental practices. These exotic methods can also be attributed to traditional medicine methods for penis enlargement.

  1. Meditative techniques, visualization: take a comfortable position, some prefer the "Lotus". Close your eyes, imagine the penis with all the anatomical details. Its size should be bigger than the real one. A positive effect will be achieved if you apply this method for a long time. During meditation, you need to clear your mind of extraneous thoughts.
  2. Gymnastics or yoga - any physical activity that allows you to improve blood circulation in the pelvic organs is welcome. If you are new to yoga asanas, you can limit yourself to simple squats, walking in place by raising your knees to your chest. Running regularly at slow speeds will also help you improve blood circulation in your legs and penis, thus stimulating penis enlargement.


The direction of traditional Chinese folk medicine, aimed at biologically active points. Points can be activated in several ways:

  • regularly massage the earlobes, palms on both sides, feet;
  • find the points located on the back of the hand from each edge to its base.

What do urologists think of these methods?

Doctors are skeptical of folk remedies for penis enlargement, they do not recommend penis enlargement with their help. They consider them ineffective. It is better to use other methods.

  1. A vacuum pump is a bulb-shaped device worn over the penis that stretches it. You can notice the result after a year of its constant use. This method has a disadvantage: men after experiencing erection problems.
  2. Operation - gives a guaranteed result of penis enlargement. This method has two drawbacks: scars can form on the skin, careless movement of the scalpel can lead to complete impotence.
  3. Stretching with a load - can increase the length of the penis, but its thickness decreases. A man will have to carry the load for several hours to reach his goal. If the load is suspended incorrectly, the rod may deform, partially lose sensitivity.

Physical exercises, massages, drugs only affect the blood circulation of the penis. They cannot significantly affect its growth, but they restore a stable erection.

Urologists have a positive attitude towards traditional medicine recipes for penis enlargement - medicinal plants. Perhaps folk remedies will not cause a significant increase, but:

  • improve the male body;
  • gently tidying up the reproductive system;
  • improve blood circulation in the groin area - and this is a good long erection;
  • remove the problem of rapid ejaculation.

These aspects guarantee a regular and quality sex life.